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JOAK Counseling and Behavioral Center

JOAK Counseling and Behavioral Center offers the following full spectrum of mental health services to fit the needs of adults, adolescents and children of our community :

A: Counseling

o   Individual Therapy

o   Family Therapy

o   Group Therapy

o   Crisis Management


Drawing from the best practices in the field, the staff of the counseling center tailors counseling to the needs of every client


B: Behavioral Therapy/Including Autism Spectrum Disorders

Autism Spectrum Disorders:  Early diagnosis and treatment helps young children with autism develop to their full potential. The primary goal of treatment is to improve the overall ability of the individual to function.

JOAK will provide diagnostic and cognitive evaluation for Autism Spectrum Disorders and other developmental disabilities. The program’s mission is to aid consumers in decreasing inappropriate behaviors. 

Briefly, JOAK process is as follows:

         Initial Assessment

         Presentation of the plan

         Follow-up Appointments

         Develops a Behavior Intervention Plan (BIP) and Cognitive Evaluation

JOAK also provides service to consumers who have Medicaid, Medicare, or other third party insurance.

Insurances offered include:
  • BCBS
  • BNC/BCN Advantage

Contact JOAK Counseling and Behavioral Department at 586-690-8331 (Tel) or 586-690-8401 (Fax) for additional information and details of the different programs being offered.


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