JOAK was formed and incorporated as a State of Michigan 501-C (3) non-profit organization in December, 1994 with the purpose of providing various services and supports to individuals with mental health issues (mental illness and developmental disabilities). JOAK is accredited in behavioral health, case management, support coordination services and community housing. With this strong background, we have developed into an ideal mental health organization. We have positioned ourselves towards providing various unique quality services including Residential Services, Supports Coordination, and other mental health clinical services.

Joak Ten ValuesThe organization has a variety of programs in Wayne, Oakland, Macomb, and Washtenaw Counties. These comprise of support coordination services, counseling, behavioral management, licensed residential Facilities, Elderly programs and Supported Living Programs (SLP).

Our consumer populations are diverse. They include persons with developmental disabilities and mental illness.

Dual Diagnosis, consumers with Substance Abuse History, Hearing impaired, Blind, Elderly, Medically Fragile, Physically Handicapped, Children with Autism, Children with Cerebral Palsy and Severe Seizure Disorders. JOAK has a history of providing services and supports to individuals with multiple and intense needs. The organization succeeds very well with individuals that other providers reject or find difficult to handle. This is really one of JOAK’s strength.

JOAK acquired this value from orienting and training staff, as well as understanding that consumers are people with priority concerns or outcomes similar to everyone else, and that consumers are individuals first before they became disabled. This attitude has made our program very unique compared to other area programs. Many of our consumers/clients have moved away to independent living facilities, and some moved to less-restrictive living settings. The organization currently provides support coordination services, counseling and behavioral management for consumers with developmental disabilities in Macomb County of Michigan. These individuals can also receive outpatient psychiatric services at our Macomb County medical center.


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